Core Institute

Our Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church Core Institute classes meet Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:30pm. Spring Session 2 of Institute classes are April 3 through May 8 (six weeks). Each one of the classes offered will help you discover more about your faith as we engage together with God's Word.

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  • digging deep into sunday's sermon

    Join Brian Kenney as he leads us to explore last Sunday's sermon, dig into the scripture, and discuss what we've learned.

  • really bad girls of the bible (thru April 24)

    Tracy Tavender leads us through a study of some less-than-perfect women in the Bible. Liz Curtis Higgs brings their stories to life through contemporary fiction, gentle humor, and biblical exposition. Come learn with us about God's grace and compassion!

  • evangelism: (9Marks)

    Join Anita Kerr as she leads us to discover that evangelism is more than a program. This class will help us as individuals make evangelism an ongoing way of life, and give our church a new way to live and share the gospel together. 

  • engage god's word: philippians

    Philippians is often called the "Joy Book". Join Bob Carruthers in this study as you learn how to experience God's joy, peace and contentment. You will discover that any gain in this life is worthless compared to knowing and becoming like Christ. 

  • Explore the word

    Many people are overwhelmed at the thought of studying scripture. Join Pastor Jeremy as he leads in this study designed to help everyday believers overcome everyday obstacles to their Christ-ward movement. 

  • Teen Bible STudy - serendipity

    This study is for students (grades 6-12) and led by our Youth Minister, John Hume. 

  • The Gospel Project for Kids

    Our Children's Minister, Robb Rockwell leads this study for kids. This is an ongoing study.