Core Institute

Our Core Institute classes meet Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:30pm. 

Our Spring Core Institute classes begin on February 19 and goes through March 25. There will be three different classes for adults to choose from. There is also The Gospel Project for Kids as well as a class for Middle and High School Students. 

An evening meal will be served from 5:00 - 6:00 and classes begin at 6:15. 

Come be a part of an evening of fellowship and discipleship as we engage together with God's Word.

  • focus on the word

    As LABC engages in the Bible reading initiative, F260, we have the special opportunity to engage in a large-scale Bible study where we are all reading and studying the same Scriptures. Join Pastor Jeremy as he dives into the F260 Scripture passage and sermon of the past week to help up grow and learn more about God's Word.  

  • how to grow with spiritual disciplines

    The regular practice of personal spiritual disciplines are important as we seek to grow more like Christ. In this 6 week session, we will discuss the disciplines of Bible intake, prayer, serving, and stewardship. Join us as we learn together about how to persevere in our spiritual growth!

  • feast: finding your place at the table of tradition the midst of obsession with what's new comes God's command to remember. This study will help us do that. Derek Leman walks us through the yearly festivals that mark significant events. He uses historical insight, as well as providing an essential link between tradition and the contemporary Christ-follower. 

  • The Gospel Project for Kids

    Our Children's Minister, Robb Rockwell leads this study for kids