Late winter and early spring are some of the best days for sports fans. From the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, to the college basketball season prepping for March Madness, fans everywhere are watching, cheering their team on, and hoping to celebrate a win!

As believers, it's even more important for us to celebrate the Spiritual Wins in our lives. Has God answered a prayer that you'd like to celebrate? Has He encouraged you in some way through your personal discipleship or through your church family? we want to celebrate your wins with you!

On this page, you can find our latest Celebrate the Win posts! This page is updated regularly from Mid-February to Mid-April each year. We share these wins here on this page, on our social media accounts, and throughout the screens around our church building. We love Celebrating the Win together!

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About a year and a half ago, my wife and I were searching for a new church after stepping away from another that we had invested much of ourselves into. We didn’t feel that we were being filled in our spiritual walk, and we felt empty. After watching one of Jeremy’s sermons online, we decided to give LABC a chance. Reluctantly we walked through the front doors on a chilly Sunday morning and from the moment we walked in we knew we were home. Everyone we have encountered has been so amazing and has welcomed us with open arms and more importantly open hearts. My wife is following her passion in leading women again and we as a couple are finding our feet in the marriage ministry. Between family and personal struggles, there have been so many LABC pastors, staff, and members that have reached out to us and offered prayers and support when asked. We love our new family and know that we are walking with everyone at LABC towards our Lord and Savior. Jesus for the WIN!

- Chris & Jen B

Getting Hitched

We have been together as a couple for more than 4 years now and felt it was time for a deeper commitment. So, after prayer and consideration we have decided to be married in May.

- Ted R & Debi I

Faith & Prayer

Last summer, our three-year-old son Jack was in a terrible accident. The lower end of his femur was shattered and his growth plate was damaged. I admit, I didn't always have emotional faith that he would ever walk again, but intellectually I knew God could heal Jack. It meant a lot to us that Jeremy prayed with us in the hospital. We are thankful to God that Jack is walking, running, and playing today!

- Josiah & Meredith K

Steady God

God brought us through a season of adjustment last year. We're so glad to have a few constants no matter the season: our church family, friends for the way, and supportive family. It's not always easy, but God has grown us through it. He is good to remain steady even when our world changes daily.

- John & Leah H

Praying Church

Thank you to all who have stepped up and prayed for Mike T, my family member recently diagnosed with ALS. What a blessing it is to be a part of a praying church! Definitely a win!

- Sue W

triple blessings

God has blessed us with two wonderful sons who are excited to be big brothers soon! We are also so fortunate to have a loving church family who cares so much for us and our personal walk with Christ.

- Phil & Rachael J

Stepping Out

Throughout my Christian walk I’ve heard the phrase “our steps are ordered by the Lord.” True, of course they are. As a Child of God we can go off path and He will guide us back should we allow that work to happen. Today I understand that the steps ordered by the Lord probably won’t be what I think. And sometimes honestly won’t be what I want. I celebrate the win! This is where true faith is built in the storms, in the steps you wouldn’t choose for yourself. Let the Lord continue to do the hard work there’s victory in Jesus!

- Natalie W

He hears our prayers

Last year I was warned that I could be drawing near to a point when I would lose my hearing, and immediately asked our church family to begin praying. A surgery date was scheduled and we kept praying. On the morning of the procedure, the surgeon offered that it might not be as bad as initially thought. By the time I came out of surgery, I had only needed a very mild procedure and my hearing was better! My condition is one they’ll have to keep an eye on, but there is no doubt that God responded to the prayers of my church family!

- Jeremy B

Baby sloane

About a year ago my newborn niece Sloane, was rushed to the ER for seizures she was having. She had severe brain bleeds and was hospitalized immediately. We were told she may not make it through the night, and if she made it through there could be severe brain damage. There was much unknown and it was terrifying. Her story was shared with people around the country and was prayed over by many. After almost two months in the NICU she began to thrive and was sent home. Last week she celebrated her first birthday as a healthy 1 year old. We don’t fully understand the why, yet God has the glory in this miracle that happened with little Sloane.

- Lauren P.

a year of difficulty

This semester and last semester have been filled with a lot of personal suffering. There has been a lot of death and various other trials. The temptation has been to run from the Lord and His Word. The temptation is to envy the lives of others. But through it all God has been loving me and strengthening me, showing me that He is worthy to be loved above all and teaching me the importance of intentional gratitude for what he's given me. Praise God for his faithfulness and goodness! Praise Him for the lessons he's teaching me!

- Ethan W

Is today a church day?

Our daughters (11 & 3) wake up every Sunday excited to go to church! "Is today a church day? Yay!!" is the common phrase in our household since we've been attending LABC. As Christian parents, finding a place where our children can spiritually thrive is a wonderful blessing and the biggest WIN!

- Jeremy & Sarah B

an unexpected journey

The last year and a half has been very difficult and stressful for our family. We have gone through a long process full of both grief and joy. In late 2021, we found out that our family would be growing through the addition of a new foster child and likely eventual adoption. We were very excited to hear this news and began the process of bringing him home as soon as we could. What we didn't know was that the process would extend for over a year, involve multiple trips out of state, and go through a whole legal process. There were times when we felt hopeless and like we would never see the end of the process. Through it all, our church family was right beside us to support us and encourage us. We learned more about the value of Christian community, the faithfulness of the Father, the friendship of the Son, and the fellowship of the Spirit. We are grateful to God that our little guy is with us now and we are headed towards adoption!

- Tyler & aLanna B

Church home

When we moved to Jacksonville, it was hard finding a church where we felt "home". LABC has felt that way since our first visit! Both of my kids LOVE getting up and coming to church!! Which is a win for me!

- Sherry E